I Found a Better Job

Of course it is not exactly what I was looking for in any sense of the concept. I have been doing IT work, but not the sort that pays the way these jobs usually pay. One day a friend of mine hooked me up with this guy and at first it seemed like a joke. The guy was dress like a mechanic, complete with oil and grease all over the shirt with his name on the left breast. I knew that I was supposed to call him Boom, there it was. He showed me a bitcoin evolution official app and made me show him that I could figure out the purpose and use of it, that was about all that there was to the interview. My job is really difficult to explain, because I help him with his work and everything else. He was barely interested in the fact that I knew about computers. Later on I realized that he knew my Dad and he knew I had always helped my dad work on cars, almost as long as I could remember.

The bitcoin stuff apparently was the icing on the cake for this guy. He is around forty five years old I would guess and apparently he had been a stock broker for a couple decades. He had made a lot of money and then he had made what turned out to be a hugely successful bet on bitcoin. Ever so often we go inside and he will look at this array of computer monitors. Usually he does not do anything, but some of the time he will pretty much gamble one way or the other. The main thing we do is work on his collection of cars. Right now he is working on an old Ford Sunliner, although it is actually a Ford Galaxy with the roof cut off.